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May 09, 2024

Customer Feature: Hop Yard Ale Works

In the heart of Appleton, Wisconsin, there’s a place where creativity, community, and delicious pizza come together under one roof. Meet Amy Behm, the unique force behind Hop Yard Ale Works, a brewery and pizzeria that’s not just about serving great food and beer, but also about fostering connections and pushing culinary boundaries.

“I’m just a fun, hard-working mom of four who discovered my passion for cooking at home,” Amy shared. Her journey into the world of food and beverage entrepreneurship is as unique as it is inspiring. Formerly running a used car lot with her husband, they made a bold decision during the challenges of the pandemic to pursue their dream of opening a brewery and pizzeria.

“The pizza oven was actually an afterthought,” Amy confessed. “We had never made homemade dough or pizza before, but we knew we wanted to offer good food alongside our beer.” And thus, Hop Yard Ale Works was born.

With determination and the support of their local community, Amy and her husband transformed their vision into reality. They closed their car lot, renovated a building from scratch, and opened their doors just seven months later. What started as a brewery with a beautiful wood-fired pizza oven quickly became a hub for culinary experimentation.

“We didn’t want to offer just the usual pizza toppings,” Amy explained. “We wanted to put our own spin on the traditional.” The result? A menu that features unique creations like Cool Ranch Doritos, Watermelon, and even Peanut Butter & Jelly Pizza alongside classic favorites.

But it’s not just about the food; it’s also about supporting local businesses and collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs. “We work closely with bakeries, butcher shops, and even the farmers market to feature local ingredients on our menu,” Amy said. “It’s all about community.”

Despite the challenges of learning the ins and outs of the service industry on the fly, Amy’s favorite thing about being a business owner is the people she’s met along the way. “The brewery and service industry are amazing,” she shared. “I’ve never worked harder in my life, but it’s all worth it when I see the smiles on our customers’ faces.”

Hop Yard Ale Works has been serving up delicious brews and pizza for 2.5 years now, and Amy’s inspiration remains unwavering. “Courage and hard work drive me every day,” she said. And her favorite pizza to make? “I really loved our Farmers Market collabs,” she said. “Everything but the dough was purchased on the Saturday before from the farmers or growers.They only lasted one week on the menu and the farmers loved being featured at the brewery!” 

Located in Appleton, Wisconsin, Hop Yard Ale Works is not just a brewery; it’s a testament to passion, creativity, and community. And as Amy revealed, there’s a secret ingredient behind every recipe: “Our wood-fired oven is the heart of our kitchen. It’s where we cook everything from scratch, from the sausage to the sauce. It’s the secret to all our flavors.”

Follow Hop Yard Ale Works  on Facebook HERE.

Follow Hop Yard Ale Works on Instagram HERE.

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