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Handcrafted Wood Fired Brick Ovens

Superior, high quality products for residential, commercial and mobile use.


Bread Stone Ovens. Born from family tradition.

Many ovens look similar, but choosing the right oven makes all the difference. That's why we offer Four Grand-Mere ovens hand-crafted by our team of master craftsmen. We've tried many ovens, and we believe that our ovens are better and more versatile than any other ovens in the market.

The 3D drawing representation of a 1500 B Short brick oven
a photo of a commercial wood fired brick oven with a copper penny round tile finish.

Commercial Ovens

For over 35 years, our artisans have been crafting the finest wood-fired brick ovens for restaurants, caterers, and bakeries. In our modern world with increasing demand for efficient equipment yielding consistent quality for ever more demanding customers, these ovens have earned a world wide reputation.

Mobile Oven Trailers

We offer a wide range of trailer-mounted ovens. All of these are UL listed and NSF/ANSI4 certified, and meet the strictest building and health department requirements. All of our mobile unit trailers are custom built to your specifications.

The 3D drawing representation of a 1500 B Short brick oven
a photo of a wood fired brick oven mounted on a small Napa trailer
Technical drawing of a rotating pizza oven
a photo of pizza rotating around on the floor of a rotating pizza oven.

Rotating Pizza Ovens

We offer a full line of rotating floor wood and/or gas fired ovens. These ovens simplify the skills required to ensure a fantastic pizza each and every time. With the option of a rotating pizza tray, the chef does not need to touch the pizza once it is in the oven; simply put the pizza in, and take it out when it is ready.

Residential Ovens

We offer a great variety of wood-fired brick ovens with the same quality as our commercial ovens in a size that is better suited for residential use. The Residential Ovens heat-up in as little as 30 minutes and can take up to 5 days to completely cool off. They are extremely versatile and offer many cooking options, from live-fire cooking to grilling, roasting, baking, smoking, or dehydrating, the possibilities are endless!

Technical drawing of a brick oven kit
a photo of a gold tiled residential brick oven installed in an outdoor kitchen
Technical drawing of a French style bakery oven
Sourdough boules in front of a bakery style oven

Bakery Ovens

Our Wood Fired Bakery Ovens are designed in the traditional french style wood fired oven, with the option of a Gueulard or Side Burning Chamber.

Hand-Crafted Excellence

Each of our ovens is meticulously crafted by our team of master craftsmen, ensuring unmatched attention to detail and quality.

Unrivaled Performance

Having extensively tested numerous ovens, we firmly believe that our ovens outshine all others in terms of performance, delivering exceptional cooking results every time.

Enhanced Versatility

From delicate pastries to hearty roasts, our ovens adapt effortlessly to diverse culinary needs, making them an ideal companion for any aspiring chef.

Unmatched Design

Blending timeless aesthetics with modern technology, these ovens are not only a culinary masterpiece but also an elegant addition to any kitchen.

Not all wood-fired ovens are created equal

Our Most Recent Custom Projects


Embrace the Superiority of a true
wood fired brick oven.

At The Bread Stone Ovens Company, we understand that choosing the right oven can have a significant impact on your culinary experience. That's why we proudly present Four Grand-Mere ovens, thoughtfully hand-crafted by skilled artisans. Unlike ordinary ovens, these exceptional creations offer unparalleled performance and versatility, setting them apart from the rest in the market.

Commercial oven installed in a bakery


These are independent safety certifications that are nationally recognized and approved by the federal government. Bread Stone Ovens Co. voluntarily submits our ovens for UL and NSF testing to guarantee the quality, safety, performance and simplicity of installation for your oven.


This 2 Day Private Workshop is designed for beginner to intermediate level chefs and business owners looking to start or perfect their pizza making skills in a true wood fired brick oven. This Workshop covers many aspects of running a Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza business.

Warranty Up To
10 Years

Our ovens come with a warranty period 10 years for residential ovens and our commercial ovens have a 3 year warranty on the floors and 5 years on the dome. All assembly, stucco, tile and metal finish are warranted for 1 year from the date of fabrication.

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