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Jul 05, 2023

Customer Profile – Jim Deggys

Customer Profile - Jim Deggys

Jim Deggy’s, located in Pineville, Louisiana, was started when owner Paul Averett picked up the hobby of pizza making to impress his wife. 


“As a career military solider, we moved to central Louisiana and weren’t impressed with the local pizza options,” he said. “We had come from central Texas and had plenty of options there. My wife’s childhood friend started making pizza in his house and was very successful. I picked up the hobby in an attempt to make quality pizza for my family (mainly to impress my wife) here in central Louisiana.” 


Paul said he decided to take his pizza making hobby to the next level and start a business with it after leaving his career as an army pilot. 


“My product grew in quality and we started catering for friend’s birthdays with great success,” he said. “As I was ending my successful career as an army pilot, I had temporarily lost my medical license. So I decided to become an entrepreneur and open a food truck. It’s the biggest food truck I’ve ever seen.” 


Now that he’s been in business for seven years, half of which he spent in the food truck and the other half in a brick and mortar restaurant, he says his favorite part of being a business owner is building and growing. 


“I enjoy business, building, growing and love when customers tell me how good the pizza is,” he said. “I also have met and employed some very fantastic people who have allowed me the opportunity to grow.” 


For any business owner, it’s important to have a source of inspiration. Paul said he finds that in his family and the future he’s able to build for them. 


“The thought that some day I can (if they want) have all of my kids employed and working for ourselves building a family business is what inspires me,” he said. “The military is hard on families. As a father, constantly deployed or transferred to other bases, I missed a lot of time with my kids. I employ two of my kids and it’s the best feeling. We’re making up for lost time while building a family legacy.” 


While it can be hard to pick a favorite, Paul says he has two that are at the top of his list. 


“My general manager created our signature pizza named the “Voodoo.” It’s a local favorite,” he said. “Alfredo base, mozzarella, provolone, cream cheese, pepperoni, boudin, jalapenos, dash of pepperjack cheese. My other favorite is not on our menu, but it’s a red sauce base, mozzarella, provolone, pepperoni, candied bacon, goat cheese and a drizzle of hot honey.”


To try the Voodoo, or any of the other pizzas on the Jim Deggys menu, visit their location in Pineville, LA. 

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