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Metal Stand

This Metal Stand is custom built in-house to support the oven of your choice. The top of the stand is made of a solid steel sheet and has a 3″ high enclosed bed to fully house and protect the insulation. The floor of the oven sits right on top of the insulation. The stand is wide enough to allow the 3″ ceramic fiber insulation along with a 2″ vermiculite finish to create the enclosure in any style of your choice. Igloo style or gable house, let your creativity go wild. For maximum durability, the stand is powder coated with 2 coats. The first one is a zinc coating, the second one a black paint coating and both are baked on. This will ensure the stand can be exposed to the elements without rusting. For your safety, the stand is designed to be securely bolted to the ground. Due to recent changes in the price of steel, prices are subject to change without notice.



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