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Texas Platform

The Texas Platform is designed to withstand the most demanding tasks. This trailer boasts a wide array of standard features, making it the perfect choice for your needs. Here’s what it comes equipped with:
  • Capacity of up to 14,000 lbs with Tandem Axles
  • Heavy Duty Torsion Axles for added durability
  • Electric Brakes for enhanced safety
  • 4 Removable Drop Down Crank-Up Jacks for easy setup
  • Front and Back Double Barn Doors for convenient access
  • Lockable Doors to secure your valuable cargo
  • NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturer) Certification for peace of mind
  • Road Certified Lighting for compliance and visibility
Additionally, our trailer is designed with functionality in mind, including the following amenities:
  • Hot and Cold running water for your convenience
  • 3 Compartments Sinks for efficient washing
  • Hand Wash Station for maintaining hygiene
  • Fresh Water Tank located inside the trailer
  • Grey Water Tank situated under the trailer with a convenient drain out valve
Our Texas Platform can be seamlessly equipped with various Wood Fired and Gas Fired Brick Ovens, designed to suit your culinary needs:
  • – 1030 C, featuring a 40″1/2 Inside Diameter, allows you to cook three 12″ pizzas at once.
  • -950 B offers a 37″1/2 Inside Diameter, with a true bricked dome, and can also cook 3 x 12″ pizzas simultaneously.
  • -1500 B Short 22 provides a 38″ width by 45″ depth inside, offering the capacity to cook five 12″ pizzas at a time.
  • -1500 B Lateral has a spacious 38″ depth by 59″ width inside, allowing you to cook eight 12″ pizzas concurrently.
  • -1200 L, with a 48″ Inside Diameter, lets you cook eight 12″ pizzas at a time.
  • -1200 B also has a 48″ Inside Diameter and a true bricked dome, cooking eight 12″ pizzas simultaneously.
  • -1400 B, with a 55″ Inside Diameter and a true bricked dome, accommodates twelve 12″ pizzas at once.
With our durable tandem axle trailer and versatile wood-fired and gas-fired brick ovens, you’re all set to take on any challenge, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Explore our options and find the perfect fit for your needs today!

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