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Wood Fired Rotating Pizza Oven:

1400 R – 55”

The entire floor of the oven rotates along with the option of self rotating pizza stones. This option allows the chef working the oven to not have to worry about turning the pizza. Temperature and speed can be regulated through a control panel. Cooking Floor is 55″ in diameter. Capacity: Up to 8, 12″ pizzas at a time. 100 to 150 pizzas per hour. Option allows 8 pizza stones, 12.5″ diameter, or 7 pizza stones 14″ diameter, or 7 pizza stones 15.75″ diameter. Prices include the metal stand, the oven fully assembled and insulated, the double doors system , electric motor, UL listed control system, fire grate with ash box and gas burner for the gas option.

You can fit:

Up to 6, 12" pizzas at a time. 80 to 120 pizzas per hour. Option allows 6 pizza stones, 12.5" diameter or 5 pizza stones 14" diameter.


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