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Feb 01, 2024

Customer Feature: Pappa’s Pies

Customer Feature: Pappa's Pies


Meet Zoe Meyer, the driving force behind Pappas Pies, a unique mobile wood-fired pizza business that has become a local sensation. Zoe has a journey that took her from a self-starter with dreams of business ownership to the proud owner of a thriving mobile pizza venture.


Zoe’s background in Higher Education at Penn State spans 14 years, but her entrepreneurial spirit was ignited by a personal inspiration – her father. With fond memories of her father’s love for cooking and his homemade pizza oven, Zoe decided to turn her passion into a business. Pappas Pies was born as a tribute to her late father’s culinary legacy.


The idea of a mobile wood-fired pizza business struck Zoe as a refreshing addition to her local community. Drawn to the joy of entertaining, she envisioned taking her mobile oven to festivals, breweries, and connecting with locals over delicious pizzas.


Operating one mobile unit without a brick-and-mortar restaurant, Zoe and her husband manage the business on the side while working full time. Their commitment to quality and a unique approach set them apart in an area with fewer mobile wood-fired pizza options.


Facing the challenges of unpredictable events and weather, Zoe decided to shift the focus towards catering. Barn weddings in central Pennsylvania provided the perfect niche for their wood-fired pizzas. Learning to estimate pizza quantities for different-sized crowds, they found their rhythm and embraced the catering business model.


As a business owner, Zoe cherishes the ability to explore new ideas, meet people, and make decisions on her terms. The flexibility allows her to balance the business with family priorities, putting her kids through college and envisioning exciting vacations in the future.


Pappas Pies is entering its fourth season, with 11 weddings already booked for 2024. With a deliberate focus on weddings until the last weekend in October, Zoe and her team shut down for the winter, eagerly anticipating the next season.


Zoe finds inspiration in new ideas, recipes, positive feedback, and the camaraderie of fellow entrepreneurs in the same business. The love for creating unique and delicious pizzas keeps the fire burning.


Among the array of pizzas, Zoe’s favorite is the white garlic spinach pizza, a testament to the creative and delicious offerings that Pappas Pies brings to its customers.


Situated in Spring Mills, PA, not far from Penn State University, Pappas Pies remains a mobile-only operation. Zoe’s philosophy revolves around the freedom to explore the world, unburdened by a brick-and-mortar store.


Pappas Pies is not just a pizza business; it’s a labor of love, a tribute to family, and a testament to the success that comes with adaptability and passion. Zoe’s journey is an inspiring tale of turning dreams into reality, one wood-fired pizza at a time.

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