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Oct 25, 2023

Customer Profile: Woodstock Farina

Customer Profile: Woodstock Farina


Woodstock Farina came about when enough people asked owner Victor Melchor “Why not make it your own business?” With over 15 years of culinary experience, the passionate chef started his journey into the world of wood-fired ovens and mobile food trailers. 


Victor’s inspiration for starting his own business came from the very people who enjoyed his delicious creations. Encouraged by the enthusiasm of his customers, he decided to transform his culinary expertise into a full-fledged venture. When asked about his choice of wood ovens and mobile food trailers, Victor draws from his rich family heritage. “My background with my family cuisine,” he explains, “Oaxaca uses a lot of woodfired ovens and rustic techniques.” This deep-rooted connection to traditional cooking methods played a pivotal role in his decision. He values the freedom of mobility and the ability to bring his craft to different places, 


Currently, Woodstock Farina operates two mobile units across Ventura County, where Victor and his team serve up a delectable array of wood-fired delights. The fleet of mobile ovens allows them to reach a wide audience and share their culinary passion with the community.


Victor’s favorite aspect of being a business owner is the constant push for growth and self-improvement. “One of the things I love about being a business owner is the fact you’re pushing yourself on a daily basis and continue to grow,” he explains. The world of entrepreneurship is a dynamic one, and Victor thrives in the ever-changing environment it provides.


Woodstock Farina has been in operation since 2017 and continues to thrive as a beloved part of the Ventura County culinary scene.


Family and friends play a significant role in Victor’s life and serve as a wellspring of inspiration. His culture is intricately woven into the dishes he creates, making Woodstock Farina a place where tradition meets innovation.


One of the standout creations at Woodstock Farina is “The Nard,” which pays homage to Oxnard, California. This signature pizza features hand-stretched dough topped with homemade tomato sauce, hand-cut mozzarella, plenty of pepperoni, Italian sausage, and grilled sweet onions. It’s a tantalizing representation of the flavors that define Ventura.


If you’re eager to savor the flavors of Woodstock Farina, you can catch them roaming Ventura County through pop-ups and catering events. For the latest updates on their location and schedule, follow them on Instagram at @woodstock_farina.

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