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Sep 08, 2012

Rotisserie Cake

Rotisserie Cake


Wood-Fired Oven Rotisserie Cake Recipe

It is best served with ice cream and or coffee.This is a traditional cake made in the Basque region. The cake used to be made during the winter in front of the fire. This allowed a double purpose for a fire; heating the home and making a succulent dessert.


6 Eggs

2 sticks of Butter

9 oz  of Flour

9 oz of Sugar

Pinch of Salt

2 tbsp of Baking Powder

1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

2 tbsp of Dark Rum


Separate the yolks and whites of the eggs.

In a large bowl, mix the egg yolks with the sugar, vanilla and rum.

Add in the flour, salt, and baking powder.

Beat the egg whites until they are very firm and stiff peaks form.

Fold the egg whites gently with the yolk batter using a spatula.

Let it rest for one hour in the fridge.

Cooking the rotisserie cake:

Mount the rotisserie spike with a cone covered with wax paper. Secure the wax paper in place with a metal wire.

Fire the oven and get a good fire burning.

Place a drip tray right under the rotisserie.

Place the rotisserie right in front of the oven door, turn it on, and let the cone heat up until the wax paper starts getting lightly brown.

As the rotisserie turns, start pouring the batter with a ladle onto the cone.

Making a rotisserie cake using a wood-fired oven

As the batter cooks and turns to a nice brown, pour more batter over. Continue until all of the mix has been cooked.

Remove the rotisserie from the oven and remove the cake from the cone while still hot.

Let the cake cool down on a plate.

Slice the cake horizontally so the different layers appears.

Bonne apetit!

Inside of Rotisserie Cake

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