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1200 B Kit

The 1200 B wood fired commercial brick oven has a 48″ inner diameter, which allows you to cook 6-8 pizzas at a time plus the fire. It is made with hand-laid all natural refractory clay bricks backed with high density refractory concrete reinforced with stainless steel fibers. Read More

You can fit:

8 pizza of 12"
20 baguettes
This oven cools down in 5-6 days


About This Oven:

  • Brick Dome: Our dome is made of hand-laid refractory clay bricks, designed with efficiency and heat rendition in mind.
  • Raised Dome Option: Want a little more space than our standard dome? Add some height by getting our raised dome option.
  • Unbeatable Heat Retention: Due to the quality of our building materials and our trademark Double Door System, after heating the oven up to pizza temperature, you can continue to use the oven for up to 5 days with just the residual heat, without needing to build another fire.
  • Double Door System: Every Bread Stone Ovens comes with our trademark Double Door System which includes a cast iron door and our insulated door, Learn more about our DOUBLE DOOR SYSTEM. 
  • Small Batch Production: In order to guarantee that each Bread Stone Oven is built to the highest standard, we only produce about 100 ovens a year.
  • There is no cutting, cladding or special skills needed to assemble your oven. 
  • The Right Size: The 1200B  is the ideal oven if you’re looking for a versatile wood-fired brick oven with the perfect amount of cooking space for a commercial kitchen. It’s large enough to cook up to 8 pizzas at once, perfect for those needing a larger cooking floor.
  • Custom Designed Finishes: From a variety of stucco or tile choices, get an oven that is custom finished to suit your space.
  • Longest Warranty in the Market: Our commercial ovens come with a 3 year warranty on the floor and a 5 year warranty on the domes – the longest warranty in the brick oven market! Learn more about OUR WARRANTY.

Kit Includes:

  • Oven Floor & Dome, made of extruded heavy duty 100% natural refractory clay hand-laid bricks and refractory concrete reinforced with stainless steel fibers
  • Our signature Brick Entry Arch
  • Dome Thermometer with 16″ long probe to read the core temperature
  • Flue Connector with Damper, to control air flow
  • Our trademark Double Door System of both a Hinge-Mounted Cast Iron Door and our one of a kind Insulated Door which allows you to bake, roast, smoke and much more.
  • Dome Insulation, 3″ of non-RCF ceramic fiber blanket on the sides and 5″ on top of the dome. Highest quality and safest insulation on the market is also easy to install.
  • Floor Insulation, 4″ of calcium silicate; the most durable, compression resistant, high performance and user friendly insulation on the market
  • Refractory Clay used to assemble the oven.
  • Complete Assembly Instructions with Pictures
  • UL Certification Plate unique to your oven
  • The ongoing support and customer service of the Bread Stone Ovens Company

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