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Rotisserie Kit with Tripod

Discover the Joy of Delicious Rotisserie at Home with Our Wood Fired Oven Kit Indulge in the mouthwatering taste of rotisserie-cooked meals from the comfort of your own home using our specially designed wood-fired brick ovens. With our easy-to-use rotisserie kit, you can achieve juicy perfection with minimal effort – just set it up, season your favorite meats, and let it cook to succulent perfection. Our rotisserie kit is tailored to perfectly complement our wood-fired brick ovens, ensuring exceptional results every time. The kit includes: 1) Char Broil Brand Universal Rotisserie Kit (or a comparable substitute): Please note that while similar kits may be available on Amazon at lower prices, choosing our kit ensures access to our exceptional customer service and support ;-) 2) Custom-made Tripod: Specifically crafted to fit seamlessly into our standard dome ovens, this tripod offers three adjustable heights, providing sturdy support for the rotisserie spit within the oven. The electric motor conveniently sits outside the oven through the peephole of the door, guaranteeing a hassle-free cooking experience. Please be aware that this tripod is exclusively available through our brand and is not sold on Amazon. For a delightful visit our Rotisserie Chicken Recipe. Experience the convenience and unparalleled taste of rotisserie cooking in your wood fired oven today – make your culinary dreams a reality with our exceptional rotisserie kit!



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