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Apr 04, 2024

Customer Feature: Lem’s Bigwood Pizza

A photo of Lem's Bigwood Pizza trailer operating to serve their customers

A photo of pizza created by Lem's Bigwood Pizza a photo of the oven mounted on the trailer for Lem's Bigwood Pizza  A photo of pizza created by Lem's Bigwood Pizza

Meet Chloe Lemieux-Dougherty, the creative force behind Lem’s Bigwood Pizza. With a knack for making people smile and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Chloe’s venture into the world of wood-fired pizza was nothing short of inspiring.

“I would describe myself as an ambitious entrepreneur that was always looking for the next project to get started on! I loved making people happy and always aimed to provide the best at whatever I was doing!”

Chloe says she gets her inspiration from family, namely her mom.

“My mom started her own business as a cosmetologist 35 years ago and had a beautiful salon that I also worked at with her. Also, my dad, who built a pizza oven on our deck about 20 years ago. Since then I enjoyed hosting and cooking with him and learning everything that his mother taught him!”

Transitioning from her upbringing to her entrepreneurial journey, Chloe reflected, “Being able to cook with our personal wood oven always had me wanting a brick oven restaurant. When I found out about wood-fired pizza trucks and trailers, I figured it was a great opportunity to dive into it without getting into a brick and mortar!”

One of her favorite things about running the food trailer is the compliments customers share about their pizza!

“My favorite thing about being a business owner was simply the kind words that strangers offered after having our product!”

Opening up about her personal motivation, Chloe shared that her sons are a key source of her desire to work for herself.

“My two young boys inspired me the most. I wanted them to see that doing what you want to do is always a risk, but the reward is so much greater!”

The next time you’re in the area of International Falls, Minnesota  look no further than Lem’s Bigwood Pizza for not just a meal, but a culinary adventure crafted with care and passion.

Chloe Lemieux-Dougherty’s journey from backyard cooking sessions to mobile wood-fired pizza maven was a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and a love for good food. With Lem’s Bigwood Pizza, Chloe didn’t just serve up slices; she crafted experiences and spread joy with every bite.

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